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Testimonials: Testimonials

Tina is a fantastic reflexologist. she has a very calm manner which puts you instantly at ease during treatments.
I have had several treatments with Tina, they were all very relaxing and really helped with my anxiety issues.
Looking forward to my next treatment

Jen,   Leicestershire

Blissful feet!
Thank you so much Tina for your wonderful treatment yesterday, I could have stayed in that chair all day!
And I slept really well last night. Wonderful how you could pinpoint the areas of my body that I’m having problems with just from palpating my feet.
Feeling good - I’ll be back!

Pauline, Leicestershire

I have been lucky enough to have had many treatments from Tina which have helped me so much with my migraines. Regular reflexology seems to be the only treatment that helps to keep them at bay. I can’t wait for my next appointment, I’ve missed our sessions so much.

Jed Leicestershire

Tina is a great Reflexologist and I’ve been delighted with the several treatments I’ve had. They have helped with my condition and Tina makes you feel very comfortable in her company and I had such a great connection with her

Clare, Leicestershire

Tina is a wonderful therapist - knowledgeable, intuitive, and empathic. I have had a number of treatments with Tina for a specific condition and which significantly improved after 3 sessions. The reflexology also helped with general stress and anxiety and helped me to feel so much better in myself. I'll certainly be keeping up regular treatments with Tina

Carly,   Leicestershire

My sessions of reflexology with Tina have been very beneficial to my condition. She has made me feel so relaxed and with Covid, she is extremely professional and follows all safety requirements. I highly recommend!

Nicola,   Leicestershire

I love Tina’s treatments! I feel amazing after my sessions and has really helped my anxiety and IBS. Pressure is perfect! I would highly recommend Revive Reflexology

Sarah,   Leicestershire

Tina is an amazing reflexologist who makes you feel very welcome, comfortable, and safe adhering to all government guidelines. I love visiting Tina for hand reflexology which really helps reduce and manage my stress levels. Tina is deeply knowledgeable and professional, and I very much look forward to returning again soon

Kelly,   Leicestershire

Tina is an excellent Reflexologist with so much knowledge. After my treatment I had with her, my neck pain had completely gone and I felt very calm and peaceful. I highly recommend Revive Reflexology.

Caroline,   Cambridgeshire

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